Six tips to keep your kidneys healthy

The kidneys are the organs in charge of purifying all the substances that enter the body, hence the importance of taking care of them and making the population aware of the increase in chronic kidney disease, which is known as the “silent epidemic”. Against this background, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated last Thursday the World Kidney Day.

The nephrologists of the Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN) emphasize that there is very little social culture about what is good and bad for the kidneys, much less than about cardiovascular health, when the reality is that the health of the kidneys and the heart they are intimately related.

The SEN also argues that as kidney function decreases, the risk of dying from heart failure increases, to such an extent that the usual cause of death in kidney patients are cardiovascular problems, rather than renal failure itself. And conversely, the presence of cardiovascular risk factors triples the risk of developing kidney disease.

And despite this social ignorance, kidney diseases have a huge impact on the quality of life of people, as well as in the health system itself.

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The care of the kidneys should increase even more in summer time and vacations, as Dr. Emilio Sánchez explains that “in summer, things sometimes get more difficult, especially because the kidneys work when the state of body hydration is the adequate, if we lack water in the body, the kidneys work badly “.

60% of anyone’s body weight is water, and when there is a water deficit, problems can start.

In summer it’s hotter, “we take less care, we eat out, we skip the rest of the year diet, and the holidays are to enjoy but we do not have to stop preventing or be pending,” advises Sanchez.

Caring for the proper functioning of the kidneys is vital to reduce the risk of kidney disease, so take into account the following recommendations:

1. Healthy nutrition: It is essential for the functionality of the body, however, when talking about kidney health is essential. Try to eat healthy will make our kidneys work better.
Avoid excess fats, sugars and dyes because they are the ones that accumulate different toxins that force the kidneys to work extra for cleaning the body.

2. Avoid medications: If you are one of the people who take drugs for any discomfort or self-medicate for the least discomfort, surely your kidneys are being poisoned by all the compounds that you consume, although alleviating a malaise you are contributing to create another.

Remember that your kidneys are responsible for eliminating these excesses of medicine and frequent consumption of these will cause a malfunction, therefore, consume your medications properly to prevent further illness.

3. Try to cook without salt: Salt is a basic ingredient in the kitchen, but abusing its consumption causes the kidneys can not expel the total of this substance, and the accumulation of this inside the body will begin to create kidney stones that They damage the organ.
One recommendation is to eat your food with minimal amounts of salt and if you have added salt while cooking, avoid placing more at the time of eating.

4. Take a lot of water: This liquid is the main friend for the kidneys, the abundant consumption helps to clean impurities that accumulate in them.

The water in addition to hydrate the body, provides better functionality to the body because it allows the kidneys to work more effectively and without much effort.

5. Control Dairy: Although most doctors ask for milk to have good calcium in bones and teeth, these are not very healthy for the kidneys.

Dairy products are the main causes of “kidney liatiasis”, which is better known as kidney stones or stone formation, so it is important that when eating a balanced diet the consumption of milk and cheese is very well calculated.

6. Watermelon helps your kidneys: According to the website, watermelon is considered the ideal fruit for the kidney, for its large amounts of water

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