Pharmaceuticals intimidated OSEP for the payment of 16 million

Yesterday, the College of Pharmacists intimated the Social Work of Public Employees (OSEP) for the delay in the payment of more than 16 million pesos.

The claim is due to the fact that to date 130 pharmacies that make up the entity have not received the money for the benefits made to members between the months of November and December.
By letter document, the school requests that within 48 hours the social work executes the payment of 16,093,268 pesos.

┬áThe instrument details: “More than 9 million correspond to the summary of November and December of last year, corresponding to the ambulatory pharmacy service according to the current agreement (for products and pharmacies billed in pharmacies), meeting the periods indicated expired. The corresponding claims were made in time and form. “

In the document, the lawyer representing the school that groups the pharmacists also points out: “Meanwhile, 4,166,651 correspond to the item summaries by products and by drugstore invoices, diabetic comprehensive program (insulins and test strips); at the same time that 2,745,605 correspond to debits and breakdowns in June 2017, this last item and amount recognized by you “.

Among the claims made by pharmacists is to consider that they are “discriminated against”, making the delay in payment “a custom, discrediting the service provided by the nearly 130 pharmacies grouped in the school and within the current agreement.”

In the document, from the school they indicate the preoccupation by the manifestations of the director of OSEP, Julio Cabur, by the economic situation that crosses the social work.

Finally, it is stated that in the event that the payment of the money claimed is not complied with, “the civil and criminal actions that correspond by right will be executed”.

The discomfort of the pharmacists took the situation to the legal actions considering that usually they are the last ones in charging for the benefits that they grant to the affiliates of the provincial social work.

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