In Panama, only 6% of the population over 15 years of age smokes

In general, in the world, the incidence of smoking has decreased. In Panama, only 6% of the population over 15 years old smokes. This has been achieved by anti-tobacco awareness laws and campaigns, led by the World Health Organization (WHO). This undoubtedly, based on the large number of diseases associated with direct or indirect exposure to tobacco smoke.

But now, in the 21st century, another risk factor has emerged that is associated with many diseases and that has been called the “new smoking”, because it has come to occupy the position that left the vacancy of the tobacco plant vacant. This is a sedentary lifestyle. The modernism has brought as a consequence, the physical inactivity and with this, the development of many diseases associated with the fact of not doing exercises. How many times have we heard from our parents and grandparents who used to eat fat and “nothing happened”. It is true, the great difference between the early twentieth century and the present, is that before walking much more, we worked more in the field and less in offices. The comforts of development (cars, offices, junk food, “deliveries”, etc.) have dire consequences for our health.

In other articles I have commented on how beneficial it is to do exercises as part of the lifestyle. They really are huge and should be part of everyone’s life. We should not see exercise as “a task”, since we will not do it. We must convert it as part of our behavior (as we eat, we bathe, etc).

In the administration parks are being adapted for people to start and keep doing exercises. But we must walk every time we have the opportunity. Do it as a family activity and so we are getting used to children to this type of activity.

These benefits are not obtained by the day differing from starting the routine, but, much later and they are maintained, while practicing the exercise. Some appear very early, such as mood, ability to work and knowledge acquisition, others, in later phases, such as the benefit of cardiovascular protection.

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