Un joven millonario ¿paga para morir en este plano pero vivir para siempre en Internet?

The multimillionaire businessman Sam Altman decided to invest the sum of 10,000 dollars to enter the waiting list of a service – Nectome- that would digitize his mind in the future and thus “live forever on the Internet”.

The news seems to come out of a fiction, but according to MIT Technologic Review, Altman is determined to risk his life in a procedure that requires a surgical intervention that would mean the death of the patient.

At just 32 years old, Altman is one of the creators of the Y-Combinator program, created to finance innovative technology companies, and he is also one of the richest men in the world.

“I assume that my brain will be preserved in the cloud,” the entrepreneur said in the MIT publication. Although in subsequent statements on his Twitter account, Altman made it clear that the idea of ​​dying to achieve this is not in his immediate plans, and even spoke of “false news”.

Robert McIntyre, educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of the founders of Nectome, explaining that his company aims to preserve brains through a high-tech embalming process and then digitize its content in a computerized simulation.

The problem is that the patient has to be alive at the moment of being injected with the chemical agents responsible for the embalming process. “The user experience will be identical to that of a doctor-assisted suicide,” McIntyre said.

There is no scientific evidence that memories and other mental components of the personality can be extracted later from the dead tissue, but the president of the Foundation of the Cerebral Conservation, Ken Hayworth, established a singular parallelism on the matter: “If the brain is dead It’s like your computer is off, but that does not mean the information is not there. “

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